I'm Tired of Being A Mother

Yep. That's exactly what she said. In her authentic moment, Nona took to facebook live to share with the world, that she was experiencing a pretty bad case of exhaustion and depression from the struggles of being a single mother. The comments began to pour in and boy were some of them full of scrutiny. Nona was explaining the gripe that many single mothers experience (some married mothers as well). Nona said publically what many mothers have said to themselves on a really bad day, when being responsible became an overpowering force, that made you feel inadequate to carry out the job. While there were many people that began to drag her name and her mothering through holy hell, there were some very supportive woman that assured her they can identify with her sentiments as well. There were also some that immediately sent prayers up to help her sort through her frustrations and situation. This was intriguing to me as I began to watch the video because she hit many valid points about the hardship of being a mother. Its a no brainer that being a mother for many is a option, what cannot be dismissed are the days when its rough and you don't have a support system in place to lean on or you are just simply overwhelmed!

Nona's frustrations in my opinion were completely validated. She is a mother of 4 children, her children has an absentee father who is not doing his due diligence to help lift the burdens and other personal issues that she is struggling with.I'd say she was having a breakdown due to exhaustion of being a mom and depression. Exhaustion from mothering is not a negative sentiment, it is a real sentiment that many women do not want to talk about due to fear of how they will be viewed. While all moms do not feel the same way as Nona to her degree, we can all admit that some days are difficult and can feel as if you are in the trenches of a battle alone.

Ladies, if you suspect or are aware that your mom friend or family member is having a rough day, try to uplift her. IF you are able lend a helping hand just do it because it does take a village to raise children. What Nona felt that day was alone, defeated and I am sure conflicted. Let's be sure you are not watching a friend struggle like this without serving as a positive force. Nona allowed herself to be the face of what so many women are suffering alone in silence and thats deprssion. There was pain in her voice, hurt in her eyes and brokenness in her spirit. Many of us are Nona or have had Nona moments. Uplit your mom friends and let her know that the days may be rough but there are better days ahead.

As women we must do a better job at taking care of our mental health. Admit when we are tired and seek someone that can help us during those moments. Do not be ashamed to say you are tired or decline an event because you feel overwhelmed or need a break. Instead, look at it as you taking control of your sanity. You don't have to be apologetic about taking care of yourself responsibly. Love and Light Ladies!

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