Traveling With Toddlers

Traveling with toddlers can be pretty discouraging. You think about the diaper changes, the tantrums and pushing strollers through crowds of people, it suddenly doesn't feel like a vacation anymore. This doesn't have to be the case. You know your kiddos better than anyone so, you know how to take the edge off some of the tantrums and whining, as far as the diaper changes, that comes with the territory. Here are a list of ways you can make traveling with your toddler not as stressful.

Jissy is in vacation mode

Have Patience - Traveling with your family takes patience and that is the true reality of it. You have to be patient with yourself and them because after all, they are toddlers. Just breathe mama and keep the party going!

Bring Toys - Packing toys is a must. It keeps them entertained and eases some of the stress. For our trip I packed toys in a basket that could easily hold all of the items.

Activities - Coloring Books, crayons and paint were some of the fun activities I packed. This is something that I know will occupy my littles attention for a while and keep them entertained.

Electronic Devices - I don't know about your kiddos but yes, both of my children have a tablet. This is a great way for them to watch those Disney Channel favorites and endless baby shark videos. Remember, you are trying to make things easy for yourself, you are on a vacation!

Snacks - LOTS of Snacks Mamas! I keep snacks in lunch bags because the reality of it is, vacationing is expensive and you don’t want them crying for a cookie or a treat every time they see one. Have those items on call when the tantrums kick in.

Jisele loves to watch her videos.

Smart Stroller - If you are like me you may have more than one or two strollers. Bring a stroller or wagon that you feel fits the bill. You want to travel with a stroller that provides the most comfort for your kiddos and one that you feel can easily be moved through crowds. I suggest ditching those side by side strollers and take one that is inline.

Let’s face it having kids is not easy and traveling with them is not either. Nevertheless, I absolutely enjoy traveling with the kids. Throw on some patience and have fun!

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