Taking Care Of Mama

I partnered with MaMeal this week (Monday - Wednesday) and I have a deep appreciation for this company! MaMeal in their own words, "... seeks to promote postpartum care for new mothers and spread the power of eating superfoods after childbirth. We believe each mom deserves the opportunity to rest instead of immediately feeling the need to bounce back after childbirth. Our postpartum meal subscription service supports this vision with an affordable and convenient option that frees up more time for mothers to recover." From my experience this was a wonderful service until Thursday rolled around. It was on Thursday I truly realized how important this subscription service is to moms.

Thursday, I felt stuck and I ate a bowl of Raisin Bran cereal for breakfast and lunch meals and pizza for dinner. It was just as I woke up thinking about breakfast when I realized, I don't have the time to prepare myself a well balanced meal for my needs, especially as a breastfeeding mother. This is why the subscription service is valuable. MaMeal is a great meal subscription service because when you are busy with baby and all of you other motherly duties, it's easy to neglect to prepare yourself a balanced meal. Most often, this is because you have no time, you forget or you grab a snack and say okay I have eaten (Shoulder shrug).

This service has three meal subscription options. 1. Stay Fit Mom 2. Nursing Mom 3. Chinese Postpartum. Below I have outlined how a meal plan like this can work for you!

1. If you are the busy mom who is always on the go and even miss dinner time due to your hectic schedule. You would want to subscribe to the meal plan option that supplies three meals per day for 3 or 5 days

2. If you are the woman that meal preps her lunches for the week, you should look into the Breakfast Only meal plan. Breakfast is the most important meal and very often we skip that meal. You can grab the meal, throw it in your lunch bag and you are ready to go.

3. If you are the woman that loves breakfast, however, Lunch time creeps on you and you are stuck eating junk foods, the Lunch only option may be a great option for you. (This is where I fall)

4. If you are the socialite mom or the mom that work evenings, you should look into the dinner only option. This allows you to not guess what your dinner will consist of for the day.

These are my suggestions, its up to you to select the type of meal you desire (Stay Fit, Nursing or Chinese Postpartum). COUPON CODE: SAVE ON YOUR MEAL PLANS WITH THE CODE ERICKA30 FOR 30% OFF YOUR MEAL PLAN.

Too often, we as women, will skip meals, all in the name of exhaustion or busy-ness. We neglect ourselves from eating because we are thinking of everyone else. MaMeals really took the guesswork out of what I was going to eat for three days and it was great!. This meal subscription service is exclusive for the Chicagoland and neighboring suburban market however, they are expanding. Take a look at their site and look for the meal plan that works for you.

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