Your Co-Parenting Situation Isn't Working

Someone is petty. No, seriously someone is petty, bitter, irrational or still in the relationship. Co-Parenting is not designed to be easy, to be frank, it was not the initial intent behind procreation. We were supposed to wait until we found our spouse and be fruitful. Nevertheless, we all have fallen short in the eyes of sin and it landed us here. (Well, landed me here to share with you what I have learned as a result of falling short in that department). Even for those who are married, the idea of forever (or at least until the kids are out of high school, if it's that bad) was the plan however, things happened so, yes, you landed in this same pot as me.

Let's Talk About This.

Once the relationship has dissipated, BOTH parties make a decision to move on and curate a co-parenting relationship that is not only healthy but convenient. BOOM there it is, CONVENIENCE that's the word that catches us up every time. We seek the path that gives us the convenience of the circumstances instead of a path that is fitting for our TRUE REALITY. In actuality guys, this is really about the children, it's not about us. This is where our first mistake slithers through the cracks creating a vine with many thorns.

We have ultimately compromised convenience, long before the issues rise to the surface like stubborn teenage acne. When we become parents, no matter what the situation is, we have significantly compromised the novelty of convenience and it is traded for, what's in the best interest of the child. Now, the caveat here is, of course we know mothers and fathers