Girls Only Summer Book Club

Hello! Thank you for taking an interest in the BecomingTheMrs.Today Summer Virtual Book Club for Girls. I am so excited to meet you all (Virtually) and dig into the book Girl World: How To Ditch The Drama and Find Your Inner Amazing By Patricia Ottaviano. 

As a mom of four kids (three are girls), I was inspired to start a book club that would interest tweens and early teenagers as an outlet with substance. My two oldest girls are 13 (soon to be 14) and 11 and as I have observed their middle school career, I noticed that girls are under an insurmountable amount of pressure that many parents aren't privy to (that sucks right?! Ugh!!!). Our little girls leave the house smiling and perky and hit the school doors full of anxiety, frustrations and many times fear! Fear of not being liked, fear that they do not fit in and fear of what others say. 

In an effort be proactive, I decided to find a book that I thought would be adequate and relatable to girls in the event that they are experiencing drama, or may be able to share what they have learned with a friend who may be suffering. I read this book myself in one week and I was truly elated with the advice and subjects that were covered. The author will be joining us during one of the meetings for a Q & A.  The book club will take place over 4 weeks. I hope you will find this to be a great experience for your daughter and any girl in your world! I encourage you to join us if you like! 

P.S. As an added security measure, the chat room requires a password to ensure PRIVACY! Please email me at becomingthemrsepw (at) gmail (dot) com for the password to enter the chat.

Let's Read!


Book Club Information

The book can be bought online or at your local Barnes & Noble. (Buy It Here)

When: Tuesday (Except July 4th meeting is July 6th instead)

Where: Zoom Video Conferencing. <---Click here to join.

You can download the app on your mobile device or use a computer. Email me if you have any questions. *Email me for meeting password!*

Meeting ID: 624-692-206


Time: 8:00pm (Unless otherwise instructed)

Frequency: Weekly

Reading Schedule & Meeting Date 

June 27, 2017: Read Chapters 1-3

July 6, 2017: Read Chapters 4 -6

July 11, 2017: Read Chapter 7

(I will read an excerpt from the next book and disclose the title of the next book!)

July 18, 2017: Read Chapter 8-9

July 25, 2017: Last Discussion For Girl World

Summer Memories with the girls!
Summer 2017