June 20, 2019

It was an agonizing moment and it was a hard pill to swallow. Here it is MY daughter who literally gave me no problems is suddenly pregnant.

March 4, 2019

I first noticed things were changing when my daughter told me she didn’t want clothes from Justice anymore. OMG I was hurt, literally I was sad. I couldn’t understand why. How could you not love all of the glitter, bling and matchy - matchy girly clothes? It was simple...

February 27, 2019

I enter spaces because I feel I belong there. I don’t look to blend in, rather show up as my whole self, leaving not one thing about me behind.

February 25, 2019

What really heightened my excitement, was I would soon have a car, independence, I have arrived!

February 22, 2019

I promise, Spring is coming! According to the calendar we have just about four weeks left of winter blues. I actually really love the springtime;  it's a reminder of the birth of new things

(well my last two births were in the spring) and I feel like it’s an opportunit...

February 21, 2019

I will share with you some tips on things to consider when you are shopping for car's comfortability and practicality for your family.

February 20, 2019

I have witnessed the turmoil and elongated healing process that women and girls face as a result of their vocal cords being ripped from their throats and sometimes their innocence dismantled. Too close for comfort

February 18, 2019

Presidents Day is today and I am sure you have the kids at home and you probably feel more inclined to just stay inside; especially if you are in regions where the weather isn’t so favorable. I understand your sentiments, trust me! I feel Presidents Day can really be o...

February 17, 2019

This super dope app allows you to set restrictions for any app you like (instagram, snapchat, facebook, tik tok etc.) by allowing you to customize controls for any child in your home (or adult... gasp).

February 13, 2019

It's Valentine's Day Eve and you are probably stumped about date night ideas for you and your spouse. Additionally, you are probably contemplating how you can incorporate your children with the Valentine’s Day festivities. I have a list of ideas for you because you do...

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February 27, 2019

February 22, 2019

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